Update from ITSO - Major ITSO Events

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 2013 September TransTalk

On September 27th, Brian Lamb, General Manager of Metro Transit was the guest speaker for the first TransTalk of the academic year. Mr. Lamb provided an overview of the current state of Metro Transit, with some details on the upcoming Green Line.

Minneapolis Mayoral Forum

On October 15th, 2013, Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates participated in a transportation-focused ITSO-sponsored debate on the University of Minnesota West Bank Campus.

Participating Candidates: Betsy Hodges, Stephanie Woodruff, Dan Cohen, Cam Winton, and Bob Fine

Moderator: Paula Pentel

Co-hosts: Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, UrbanMSP, ITSO, and MUSSA, and streets.mn

NCITE/ITSO Annual Meeting

The Annual NCITE/ITSO Joint Meeting was held on October 16th. The guest speakers were Bryant Ficek from TKDA and Mike Spack of Spack Consulting and discussed various transportation analysis software and their accuracy to field measurements. Their talk discussed comparisons of real-world collected data on multiple intersections and delay estimation with various software. The results were that most software is surprisingly inaccurate, though the analysis is often on the conservative side.

2013 November TransTalk

On November 15th, Therese Polum from SRF was the guest speaker for our second TransTalk of the semester. Mrs. Polum discussed a current project of implementing variable message boards along the I-494 corridor in the Twin Cities, as well as expansion to use shoulders as lanes along the congested corridor. Mrs. Polum also talked about a strategy currently used in the Netherlands, and possible implementation here in the Twin Cities.

2013 December TransTalk

John Levin, the Director of Service Development from Metro Transit gave our final TransTalk of the semester. Mr. Levin has been with Metro Transit for over 15 years. He discussed the parts of Metro Transit beyond BRT and LRT. His talk primarily focused on local and express bus service throughout the Twin Cities region. These are heavily used parts of the region’s transit system yet often receive less attention than LRT or BRT service.