University of Minnesota ITS Research Reports

The following list of ITS Research Reports has been published by the University of Minnesota from January 2013 through May 2013.



ITS Personal Data Needs: How Much Do We Really Need to Know?

Frank Douma, Thomas Garry, Stephen Simon

CTS 12-21 (July 2012)


Analysis of Single Frequency, Carrier Phase Based GPS Positioning Performance and Sensor Aiding Requirements

Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, Hamid Mokhtarzadeh

CTS 13-01 (January 2013)


Snow Rendering for Interactive Snowplow Simulation - Supporting Safety in Snowplow Design

Peter Willemsen

CTS 13-02(January 2013)


Friction Measurement System for Hennepin County

Lee Alexander, Rajesh Rajamani

CTS 13-03T (January 2013)


Bus Driver Intersection Task Analysis: Investigation of Bus-Pedestrian Crashes

Chia Wei, Ensar Becic, Christopher Edwards, Michael Manser

CTS 13-04 (January 2013)


Using Detailed Signal and Detector Data to Investigate Intersection Crash Causation

Gary A. Davis, Indrajit Chatterjee

CTS 13-05 (January 2013)


Thermal Image-Based Deer Detection to Reduce Accidents Due to Deer-Vehicle Collisions

Debao Zhou

CTS 13-06 (January 2013)


Monitoring the Use of HOV and HOT Lanes

Eric Holec, Guruprasad Somasundaram, Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos, Vassilios Morellas

CTS 13-07 (January 2013)


Development of Hybrid DSRC-PCMS Information Systems for Snowplow Operations and Work Zones

Umair Ibrahim, M. Imran Hayee

CTS 13-08 (February 2013)


Improving the Safety and Efficiency of Roadway Maintenance Phase II: Developing a Vision Guidance System for the Robotic Roadway Message Painter

Ryan G. Rosandich

CTS 13-09 (February 2013)


Development of a Multiple-Camera Tracking System for Accurate Traffic Performance Measurements at Intersections

Hua Tang

CTS 13-10 (February 2013)


A Prototype System for Chemical Hydrogen Generation and Storage for Operating ITS Devices

Steven P. Sternberg, A. Rashid Hasan, Venkatram R. Mereddy

CTS 13-11 (April 2013)


Developing an Intelligent Decision Support System for the Proactive Implementation of Traffic Safety Strategies

Hongyi Chen, Fang Chen, Chris Anderson

CTS 13-12 (March 2013)


Development of an Innovative Prototype Lane Departure Warning System

Jiann-Shiou Yang

CTS 13-14 (March 2013)


Hand Images in Virtual Spatial Collaboration for Traffic Incident and Disaster Management

Daniel Drew, Caroline Hayes, Mai-Anh Nguyen, Xuan Cheng

CTS 13-15 (March 2013)


Feasibility of Using GPS to Track Bicycle Lane Positioning

Greg Lindsey, Steve Hankey, Xize Wang, Alec Gorjestani, Junzhou Chen

CTS 13-16 (March 2013)


Field Study of Driver Behavior at Permitted Left-Turn Indications

Gary A. Davis, Abhisek Mudgal

CTS 13-18 (March 2013)


SMART-Signal Phase II: Arterial Offset Optimization Using Archived High-Resolution Traffic Signal Data

Henry Liu, Heng Hu

CTS 13-19 (April 2013)


Improving Freeway Traffic Speed Estimation Using High-Resolution Loop Detector Data

Henry Liu, Jie Sun

CTS 13-21 (April 2013)