June 2013 ITSO Update

The Interdisciplinary Transportation Student Organization (ITSO) is an organization dedicated to bridging the gaps in the transportation world.  Whether it's between planners and engineers or students and professionals we work to facilitate communication between different groups in transportation.  Our primary method of doing this is through our monthly TransTalks, where professionals or professors come in to talk about what they do to a wide range of students (and faculty) interested in transportation.  These events routinely draw over 40-50 attendees and are generally held monthly.


For more information on our other events or the organization in general, please visit www.itso.wordpress.com.  If you would like to volunteer to come in and present at a TransTalk event, or simply have some questions or comments for us, you may contact us at itso@umn.edu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .