June 2013 ITS Minnesota Educational Workshop - Connected Vehicle 101 and Joint Luncheon Summary

Walter Fehr and James Pol from FHWA’s Joint Program Office presented a Connected Vehicle 101 Workshop. This workshop was designed to share FHWA’s planning efforts with various stakeholders. The following topics were covered:

  • Infrastructure Deployment Concepts
  • Connected Vehicle Applications
  • Test Bed (including the active test bed in Ann Arbor Michigan)
  • Policy and Institutional Issues


FHWA sees the Connected Vehicle concept as a step toward safer driving because it provides drivers with additional notifications of unsafe situations. Future concepts will allow the Connected Vehicle technologies to be leveraged as an additional input to autonomous vehicles.

NHTSA will make a decision this year about whether to require light vehicles to have Connected Vehicle technologies. The decision on whether to require heavy vehicles to have Connected Vehicle technology will come in 2014. In 2015, FHWA plans to develop deployment guidelines which will correlate with pilot projects and early deployments.

The current test bed in Ann Arbor, Michigan has over 2,800 vehicles instrumented with Connected Vehicle technologies that transmit their location with about 350 vehicles that are equipped with technologies that provide feedback to the drivers.

The full presentation can be viewed here:


After the workshop, ITS Minnesota, NCITE and WTS hosted a joint luncheon and James Pol gave additional information about his office’s efforts to implement new ITS technologies.