2014 ITS Minnesota Fall Forum Report

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 21 and 22, 2014
Continuing Education and Conference Center (UMN), St. Paul, MN and Holiday Inn I-94 East, St. Paul, MN

Introductory Observations: 

  • New This Year. ITSMN continued its 20th anniversary celebration with several new items in its Annual Fall Forum:
  • ITSMN's Fall Forum had always in the past focused on industry, the event's name being "Fall Industry Forum". This year, being directed by the ITSMN Board, the Program Committee ventured into opening up the event to both private sector and public sector speakers. This change made sense considering that ITSMN's Annual Meeting in March, held in conjunction with Minnesota Transportation Conference (MTC), was an abbreviated one with only couple of hours in duration and, consequently, had no technical sessions or technical presentations.
  • Instead of being only of traditional ¾ day duration, this year the event was spread over two consecutive calendar days and held at two different locations.
  • Another new item was that the first day was a full day, ending with a sponsored networking reception. Networking reception was a new item for ITSMN, it never had held one earlier.
  • The second day covered an ITSMN strategy meeting. The discussions included invited leader from ITS America, Paul Feenstra; and several invited members of Guidestar Executive Committee.
  • The first day's meetings and reception were held at the University of Minnesota’s Continuing Education and Conference center (CECC). The second day's meetings, which concluded at noon, were held at the Holiday Inn I-94 East in St. Paul.

2014 ITS MN Annual Fall Forum-Brief Summary Report