Achievement Awards

Each year ITS Minnesota recognizes one individual from the public sector and one individual from the private sector who have made outstanding contributions to the field of ITS.

Ron Rajkowski
Ron Rajkowski
Craig Carlson
Craig Carlson

In 2012 ITS Minnesota formally named the private sector award the “Carlson-Rajkowski Award” in honor of Craig Carlson and Ron Rajkowski, employees of Egan Company who were killed in a tragic work zone accident along I-35W in Burnsville on October 13, 2011. As experienced professionals, Craig and Ron had deep ties to Minnesota’s transportation industry, especially in the design, integration and deployment of ITS. Craig Carlson was an innovative outdoor electrical leader at Egan whose work focused on designing transit signal priority systems, fiber backbone communications, traffic signal optimization and other technologies that provide real-time information to road users. Working closely with Craig, Ron Rajkowski led the field construction and deployment efforts for Egan ITS projects, closely supervising each project to ensure its overall quality and safety. Craig and Ron were both committed to building and maintaining an intelligent, safe Minnesota transportation system. The ITS Minnesota private sector award has been renamed to reflect their professional standards of excellence and continued commitment to Minnesota’s transportation industry and ITS in particular.

Award recipients demonstrate outstanding contributions to advance ITS in Minnesota. Contributions may be demonstrated through exceptional leadership, innovative projects, education and outreach efforts, collaborative partnerships, or support of the ITS Minnesota and Minnesota Guidestar organizations.

Nominations are sought from members at the beginning of each calendar year in conjunction with nominations for the ITS Minnesota board of directors. Award recipients are then recognized at the ITS Minnesota Annual Meeting each spring.

Previous Achievement Award Recipients

YearPublic Sector
Achievement Award
Carlson-Rajkowski (Private Sector)
Achievement Award
2014 Brian Kary and Kelly Braunig, MnDOT Janelle Borgen, WSB
2013 Ray Starr, MnDOT Mike Granger, Street Smart Rental
2012 Sue Sheehan, MnDOT Egan Company
2011 Colonel Al Smith, Minnesota State Patrol Dean Deeter, Athey Creek Consultants
2010 Nick Thompson, MnDOT Craig Carlson, Egan Company
2009 Max Donath, U of M ITS Institute Daryl Taavola, URS Corporation
2008 Terry Haukom, MnDOT Durga Panda, Image Sensing Systems
2007 Bernie Arsenau, MnDOT
Kathy Swanson, DPS
Dean Larson, International Idea Institute
2006 Marthand Nookala, Hennepin County Jeff Nicholson, ADDCO
2005 Dawn Spanhake, U of M CTS Brian Scott, SRF Consulting Group
2004 Bill Gardner, MnDOT Dennis Foderberg, Iteris
2003   Doug Differt, URS Corporation
2002 George Welk, MnDOT Stephen Manhart, Bolton and Menk


Previous Special Award Recipients

  • Ferrol Robinson, U of M Humphrey Institute, Lifetime Achievement, 2010
  • Dennis Foderberg, SEH, Lifetime Achievement, 2008
  • Bob Provost, Citizen Representative, 2006
  • Gordon Melby, C3 Trans; Roberta Dwyer, MnDOT; Dan Rickels, TC&W
  • Project Award - MnDOT District 4 Connect Detroit Lakes ITS for Snow & Ice Operations, 2009

Past Presidents

  • 2013 Erik Minge, SRF
  • 2012 Matt Gjersvik, WSB & Associates, Inc.
  • 2011 Tina Roelofs, Athey Creek Consultants
  • 2010 Linda Preisen, CTS
  • 2009 Jeff Lutz, URS
  • 2008 Ray Starr, MnDOT
  • 2007 John Dillingham, Alliant Engineering, Inc.
  • 2006 Daryl Taavola, URS
  • 2005 Janelle Monette, SRF
  • 2004 Paul Kurtz, City of St. Paul
  • 2003 Durga Panda, Image Sensing Systems, Inc.
  • 2002 James Kranig, MnDOT
  • 2001 Doug Differt, URS
  • 2000 Marthand Nookala, MnDOT
  • 1999 Bob Sands, Edwards & Kelcey
  • 1998 Gene Ofstead, MnDOT
  • 1997 Jeff Benson, URS
  • 1996 Dennis Foderberg, University of Minnesota
  • 1995 Mike Blumer, US West
  • Dick Braun (honorary past president for 1995)

Responsibilities of the Secretary

The ITS Minnesota Secretary position carries the following responsibilities:

1. Maintain Board of Directors Organizational Structure Document and E-Mail List:
Create and maintain the ITS Minnesota Organizational Structure document, listing officers, directors, and committee members. Create and maintain the Board of directors e-mail list.

2. Create and Maintain Yearly Calendar of Events and Meetings:
Create and monthly maintain a listing of ITS Minnesota activities for the year with input from the ITS Minnesota Board. Use the format from the previous year and include: ITS Board Meetings, relevant conferences/workshops, ITS Minnesota events, and key ITS Minnesota due dates.

3. Prepare Board of Directors Meeting Agendas:
With input from the Chapter Officers, prepare the agenda for monthly Board of Directors meetings.

4. Send Notices for Board of Directors Meetings:
Send notices of monthly board of directors meetings to the board e-mail list approximately one week before each meeting. Include the meeting agenda, calendar of events/meetings, and draft minutes from the previous meeting.

5. Take Minutes at Board of Directors Meetings:
At each Board of Directors meeting, record the minutes, including a list of attendees and all action items discussed at the meeting. Use the format from existing minutes as a guide. During the secretary’s report at each board meeting, review open action items and obtain status updates from those responsible for each action.

6. Make Revisions to Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:
Incorporate revisions into the meeting minutes, as requested by board members. Finalize the minutes, adding the date approved. This version of the minutes will become the official record of approved meeting minutes.

7. Send Approved Board of Directors Meeting Minutes to ITS Minnesota WebMaster:
After the meeting minutes have been approved and dated, send an electronic copy of the approved minutes to the ITS Minnesota Web Master (a communications committee representative who coordinates updates to the web site) requesting that the approved minutes be posted to the ITS Minnesota Web site.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

The ITS Minnesota Treasurer position carries the following responsibilities:
The Treasurer shall keep correct and complete records of account, showing accurately at all times the Chapter’s financial condition. The Treasurer shall be legal custodian of all monies, notes, securities, and other valuables which may from time to time come into the Chapter’s possession. The Treasurer shall immediately deposit all funds of the Chapter coming into his/her hands in some reliable bank or other depository approved by the Board of Directors, and shall keep such bank account in the name of the Chapter. Upon request by the Board of Directors, he/she shall furnish a statement of the financial condition of the Chapter, and shall perform such other duties as these Bylaws may require or the Board of Directors may prescribe. The treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the financial records and may be required to furnish bond in such amount as shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Responsibilities of the Vice President

The ITS Minnesota Vice President position carries the following responsibilities:

1. Coordinate and assemble the chapter’s Annual Report
The Vice President will coordinate and assemble the chapter’s Annual Report. The Annual Report provides an overview of the chapter’s activities on a calendar year basis, from January 1 through December 31. The report is assembled at the end of the Vice President’s term, between January and March. Each officer and committee chair will write a brief report summarizing activities conducted by their office or committee. The Vice President will collect the summaries and assemble them into a report, which is then reviewed by chapter officers. After the report is finalize, the Vice President will forward the report to the chapter Webmaster for posting to the ITS Minnesota Web site.

2. Assist the President with creating the Ballot of Officers and Board of Directors
The Vice President will assist the President with creating the ballot of officers and board of directors for the year of their incoming presidency. The ballot is assembled in January and sent to member organization contacts in February (the President sends the ballot and collects responses) so that votes may be received and tallied prior to the annual meeting in March. Prior to assembling the ballot, the Vice President may consult with the current officers and contact individual members to suggest that they consider running for an officer or director position.

3. Assemble chapter committees in preparation for presidency
At the end of his/her term, the Vice President will assemble committees for the year of their incoming presidency. He/she will consult with chapter officers to identify potential committee members, invite current committee members to remain involved, and contact potential new committee members to invite them to participate.

4. Lead Board meetings as needed
The Vice President will lead monthly ITS Minnesota Board meetings if the chapter President is unable to attend.

5. Lead and participate in special initiatives
The Vice President will lead and participate in special initiatives throughout their term, supporting the chapter President and other board members in carrying out activities to advance the chapter’s strategic goals.