ITS Minnesota also has seven standing committees, each focusing on specific activities of the chapter. The President appoints committee chairs. The committees depend on volunteers from member organizations. New committee volunteers are welcome at all times; please contact the committee chairperson. Each chairperson participates in the monthly board meetings.

2018 Organization Chart

Listing of Current Committees:

  • Marketing & Outreach Committee (Joint Committee with Minnesota Guidestar),
    • Co-Chairs: Sue Sheehan and Dan Nelson
  • Membership Committee (Recruitment & Member Services)
    • Chair: Bernie Arseneau, Co-Chair: Ginny Crowson
  • ITS Technical Committee (Joint Committee with NCITE)
    • Chair: Michael Kronzer, Co-Chair: Derek Nieveen
  • Program Committee (Event Planning)
    • Chair: Nick Grage, Co-Chair: Jacob Folkeringa
  • Communications Committee (Website/Social Media)
    • Chair: Dan Nelson, Co-Chair: Mike Granger, Michael Janson
  • Scholarships & Career Guidance Committee (Student Scholarships/Awards and Outreach)
    • Chair: James McCarthy, Co-Chair: Jacob Folkeringa
  • Education Committee (Professional Development)
    • Chair: Rashmi Brewer, Co-Chair: Ralph Adair