This mission of ITS Minnesota is to foster grassroots participation and public-private partnerships in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), which generate interest, excitement, cooperation and progress focused on implementation results.

ITS Minnesota is comprised of individuals and local, regional and national organizations who are interested in the development of our state’s Intelligent Transportation Systems industry. Prominent members include the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the consultant community, Metro Transit, and the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies. These organizations have perform extensive ITS research, deployment, and education.


Strategic Plan


ITS Minnesota will advance the awareness and acceptance of technology solutions in transportation.

Inclusive Membership

ITS Minnesota will be the organization of choice for everyone with an interest in advanced transportation technology.

Provide Counsel to ITS Constituents

Continue and enhance the role and responsibility as an advisor to ITS constituents.

Market Development

ITS Minnesota will help identify and help grow markets for private and public sector members.

Education & Training

ITS Minnesota will support and encourage professional capacity building programs by others.


ITS Minnesota will encourage and promote the funding of research in advanced transportation programs.


Why Join?

Membership in ITS Minnesota demonstrates a commitment to the ongoing success of Minnesota’s Intelligent Transportation Systems. Individual and corporate members receive several benefits, including a member listing on the website, reduced fees at meetings, luncheons and seminars and eligibility for website feature articles.